Twitter data in R

Slides | All course materials Earlier this month, I taught my two-day course on working with Twitter data in R, at the University of Lucerne. This was part of a Master’s Programme in Computational Social Science, LUMACSS. This course is designed as an introduction to collecting, cleaning, and analysing Twitter data — without having to apply for a developer account. You can find the course material at GitHub. The slides are better viewed here on my website.

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Web scraping in R

Click here for the slides, and here for all the course materials. I recently organised a short course on web scraping in R, as part of a Master’s Programme in Computational Social Science, at the University of Lucerne. I have built a website and a Shiny app just for this course, to facilitate learning. These are tailored for the exercises in the course. You can find other course material at GitHub.

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Latest publications

  • Resul Umit, Lena Schaffer (2022) Wind turbines, public acceptance, and electoral outcomes. Swiss Political Science Review. Abstract DOI  pdf code
  • Katrin Auel, Resul Umit (2021) Who's the Boss? An analysis of the vote on the 'European Union (Notice of Withdrawal) Bill' in the House of Commons. Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 29(4), 468–484. Abstract DOI  pdf
  • Resul Umit (2021) Solar panels and political attitudes. Political Studies Review. Abstract DOI  pdf code

Unpublished research

  • Resul Umit (2019) Unfulfilled winning expectations decrease voter satisfaction with democracy. Abstract DOI  pdf
  • Resul Umit, Melek Zağralı (2015) The Turkish repeat elections of November 2015. Abstract  pdf