Twitter data in R

Slides | All course materials Earlier this month, I taught my two-day course on working with Twitter data in R, at the University of Lucerne. This was part of a Master’s Programme in Computational Social Science, LUMACSS. This course is designed as an introduction to collecting, cleaning, and analysing Twitter data — without having to apply for a developer account. You can find the course material at GitHub. The slides are better viewed here on my website.

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Web scraping in R

Click here for the slides, and here for all the course materials. I recently organised a short course on web scraping in R, as part of a Master’s Programme in Computational Social Science, at the University of Lucerne. I have built a website and a Shiny app just for this course, to facilitate learning. These are tailored for the exercises in the course. You can find other course material at GitHub.

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Latest publications

  • Resul Umit, Asimina Michailidou, Hans-Joerg Trenz (2024) Translating the complexity of EU differentiation: A comparative analysis of news coverage in Germany, Denmark, and the UK. Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 1–18. Abstract DOI  pdf
  • Philip Cowley, Resul Umit (2023) Legislator dissent does not affect electoral outcomes. British Journal of Political Science, 53(2), 789–795. Abstract DOI  pdf code
  • Lena Schaffer, Resul Umit (2023) Public support for national vs. international climate change obligations. Journal of European Public Policy, 30(3), 537–573. Abstract DOI  pdf code

Unpublished research

  • Resul Umit (2019) Unfulfilled winning expectations decrease voter satisfaction with democracy. Abstract DOI  pdf
  • Resul Umit, Melek Zağralı (2015) The Turkish repeat elections of November 2015. Abstract  pdf