Research notes in political science journals

In addition to ‘regular’ articles, some political science journals publish shorter manuscripts as well. They are often called research notes, but the name, and indeed the format itself, can differ from one journal to another. Yet, this definition, by Public Opinion Quarterly, covers a lot of common ground: Research Notes are shorter reports … of single findings, important extensions or replications of previous research, or other major additions to the literature that warrant publication, and which can be communicated effectively without the more extended theoretical development or detailed analysis characteristic of regular articles.

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Calculating standard deviations for survey subgroups in R

The survey package is one of my favourites in R. Among its many other uses, it can compute summary statistics by subgroups. For example, if you have a survey of individuals from several countries with an item on the respondents’ income, you can calculate the average income in each subgroup with the svyby() function. However, like many other functions in the package, svyby() returns standard errors—but not standard deviations—of the mean values.

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Latest publications

  • Resul Umit, Katrin Auel (2019) Divergent preferences and legislative speeches on Brexit. Forthcoming in Journal of Elections, Public Opinion & Parties. Abstract DOI  pdf
  • Resul Umit, Wouter Poortinga, Pekka Jokinen, Pasi Pohjolainen (2019) The role of income in energy efficiency and curtailment behaviours: Findings from 22 European countries. Energy Research & Social Science, 53, 206–214. Abstract DOI  pdf

Unpublished research

  • Resul Umit (2019) Parliamentary Communication Allowances: Good for Nothing. Abstract  pdf
  • Resul Umit (2019) Unfulfilled Winning Expectations Decrease Voter Satisfaction with Democracy. Abstract  pdf