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Unpublished, work in progress


  • Resul Umit (2019) Unfulfilled Winning Expectations Decrease Voter Satisfaction with Democracy. Abstract  pdf


  • Resul Umit, Lena Schaffer (2018) Attitudes to carbon taxes across Europe: The role of perceived uncertainty and self-interest. Abstract  pdf
  • Resul Umit, Katrin Auel (2018) Saboteurs in the house: Divergent preferences and legislative speeches on Brexit. Abstract  pdf
  • Resul Umit (2018) Rallies around the flag-draped coffins: The electoral effects of security force casualties in terror attacks. Abstract  pdf

Unpublished, dormant papers


  • Resul Umit, Melek Zağralı (2015) The Turkish repeat elections of November 2015. Abstract  pdf