Research notes in political science journals


In addition to ‘regular’ articles, some political science journals publish shorter manuscripts as well. They are often called research notes, but the name, and indeed the format itself, can differ from one journal to another. Yet, this definition, by Public Opinion Quarterly, covers a lot of common ground:

Research Notes are shorter reports … of single findings, important extensions or replications of previous research, or other major additions to the literature that warrant publication, and which can be communicated effectively without the more extended theoretical development or detailed analysis characteristic of regular articles.

I have gone through the ‘author guidelines’ of more than a hundred political science journals, and put together a list of journals that publish research notes. You can also click on the hyperlinks under Format Name to learn more about the format in each journal.

Journal Format Name Length h5-index
American Political Science Review Letter 4k words 59
Journal of Common Market Studies Research Note 3.5k – 5k words 48
Journal of Politics Short Article 10 pages 48
International Organization Research Note 8k words 45
British Journal of Political Science Letter 4k words 41
International Studies Quarterly Research Note 4k – 8k words 41
Party Politics Research Note 4k words 38
Electoral Studies Research Note 4k – 6k words 37
European Journal of Political Research Research Note 5k words 37
West European Politics Research Note 3k words 35
Political Analysis Letter 1.5k – 3k words 33
Public Opinion Quarterly Research Note 3k words 32
Regulation & Governance Research Forum 6k words 32
African Affairs Research Note 4k – 5k words 29
Global Environmental Politics Research Note 3k – 5k words 28
European Union Politics Letter 1k – 2k words 27
International Political Science Review Research Report 6k words 26
Political Science Research and Methods Research Note 4k words 23
American Politics Research Research Note 10 pages 21
Comparative Politics Research Note 6k words 21
Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties Research Note 4k words 19
Journal of Legislative Studies Research Note 4k words 17
Research & Politics Research Article 2k words 17
Political Studies Review Early Results 3k words 16
Political Studies Review Null Hypothesis 3k – 5k words 16
Scandinavian Political Studies Research Note 4k words 16
Canadian Journal of Political Science Research Note* 6k words 12
Irish Political Studies Research Note* 10 pages 12
French Politics Data, Methods, and Measures 4k – 8k words 11
Journal of Women, Politics & Policy Research Note 5k – 6k words 11
Japanese Journal of Political Science Research Note 4k – 8k words 10
Representation Research Note 4k words 10
Hobbes Studies Research Note 5k words N/A
Journal of Experimental Political Science Meta-Analysis 3k words N/A
Journal of Experimental Political Science Replication 3k words N/A
Journal of Experimental Political Science Short Report 1k words N/A
Political Research Exchange Research Note 5k – 8k words N/A

Please bear in mind that this is not an exhaustive list and that editorial policies change. If you notice that one or more journals are missing or that one or more existing entries need updating, please send me an email. I would be happy to hear from you.

* Based on direct communication from editors.