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Search your Twitter likes

This post introduces LikeWise — a Shiny app that retrieves and filters users’ likes on Twitter. If you are looking for a quick direction, click here for the app. I use Twitter likes as bookmarks, but then struggle to find the one that I need among them all. Hence I have built an app. It is live at It can be used here as well, in the window below.

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Media coverage of presidential candidates in Turkey

When Dogan Media was bought by a pro-Erdogan businessman, many suspected a change in the position of its news outlets in the long-run. I compare the tweets by Hurriyet — Dogan’s top-selling daily — in two presidential elections, before and after the sale. I find unmistakable changes in the way the newspaper approached the candidates, increasing its bias towards Erdogan in the election months after the sale. Most news media are divided into pro- and anti-Erdogan camps in Turkey.

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